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"Tell Me Something About Camper Awnings"

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The days of sleeping in the woods in a 3 year old sleeping bag and a tent you were handed down from your fathers father is Well maybe that sentence is just for me. I have one of the best damn campers on the planet earth and my days of looking at the stars in the dead of night through vinyl tents are surely over.

Camper Awnings Information


camper awnings
camper awnings
camper awnings
camper awnings

I would much rather look at my dvd player and plasma screen T.V.! Now that's camping...hee-hee-hee. Anyway, if you have one of these great toys you really ought to dress it up with a bunch of the toys offered by many manufactures. One of the best ways of course is an awning.

Camper awnings allow you to add extra space to your camper. You can get an awning for a popup camper just as easily as you can get one for a fifth wheel or a motor home. You can even add a Florida room to the awning of your camper. When you have an awning for your camper, it is very easy to operate once you set up the popup camper. Camper awnings are wonderful additions to any camper that will make your experience that much more memorable.
Camper awnings larger than 8.5 feet come with support legs. These are permanently attached to the awning and when you close it, they fold up inside. A smaller size camper awning is self-supporting and does not need the support from the legs. You can secure the support legs of the awning to the ground or attach them to the wall of the camper. There are also popup camper awnings that will fold down along with the canvas material when you decide to move on.

Along with popup camper awnings you can get such additions as “Add a Room.” These help to double the amount of sleeping space you have and provide you with a sunroom where you can sit outdoors when it is raining. The sidewall supports of these camper awnings store easily into a bag on the front of the camper and the room itself does not attach to the awning of the camper.

Camper awnings that are 10 feet or longer also include a center support. When you want to extend the camper awning, you can roll it out to the full length or stop at any distance that you prefer. This is true of the popup campers awnings as well as for the awnings used with an RV. However, when you have the popup camper awning fully extended, the material will sag in the middle. To correct this all you have to do is roll back the popup camper awning one full turn.

When you first install popup camper awnings, you might think you have done something wrong when you notice that the arms seem to be bent a little. This is perfectly normal because the camper awnings are designed to have a slight bend in the lateral arms when the awning is fully extended. You should never try to push the arms of a popup camper awning into a straight position, especially when the awning is extended to its full length. This is the first mistake that many new owners of camper awnings make and as a result, they damage the awning.

If you mess your awning up don't worry there are plenty of people on the planet earth who will love to get in your pockets to fix me I know. I really screwed mine up pretty bad thinking I could install it myself. Hell I'm a computer guy not a hardware guy. I still love the boy toys though so I guess it comes with the territory.